Shooting Tips

  1. Keep your head erect when aiming.
  2. Do not bring your head to the bow string, bring the bow string to your head.
    *This is critical when shooting while wearing glasses. When you tilt your head you are looking through the corner of your glasses. You are not looking through the strongest part of you lens.
  3. Do not tilt your head up or down to find your front pin.
    *This will cause you to shoot high or low on your target. You should see your pin sitting between the alignment dots as soon as you come to your anchor point without moving your head or bow arm.
  4. Aim with your dominant eye when shooting with both eyes open.
    *If you aim with your non dominant eye with both eyes open, your dominant eye will take over causing you to make bad shots.
  5. Keep your bow arm slightly bent during the shot
  6. Do not grip your bow, always use a bow sling.
  7. Maintain form until the arrow hits the target. You will see the flight of your arrow.
  8. Keep your arms, back and shoulder muscles in shape to draw the bow easily and to hold the bow as steady as possible.
    *If you don't have time to shoot, buy a Can't Fire. This will allow you to draw your bow and aim in your house without an arrow, you don't have to worry about a dry fire.
  9. Squeeze the release trigger, do not punch, jerk or yank it.
  10. Do not aim for a long period of time, execute the shot in 7 to 10 seconds or less if possible.
  11. Make sure the bow draw length is set up properly for you.
    *You should not be able to draw the bow back any further then your anchor point. It's better to have your draw length a little short then to long.

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