Winning shot after a two day unmarked tournament, Mathew's Pro Staff shooter and myself were tied for first place. We were allowed one shot each at the Javalina pig. We flipped a coin to see who shot first. I won the flip. I estimated the pig to be about 38 yards. I hit dead center of the small white tape. The Mathews Pro Staff shooter shot dead in line with the white tape but he was about 4 to 5 inches low.




I have a big problem with your Peep Eliminator. I always practice with real broad heads. I centered the bow on the first try and it was right on. It was so accurate It sliced four of my six arrow vanes. Ha HA. That is one great gig. I love it. I set my feeder at 11 pm and had several huge hogs come in, but not the giant white on I have been waiting for. Since feeder is lighted, and both the rear and front sights have illuminators each. I can now see both the target and the rear and front sights. The sights actually work better in the dark. Having been a gunsmith for many years, I can really appreciate the pistol like sights. Its like shooting a I911 but with an anchor point. Wow what a product. I got the basic set, but from my rifle experience, the closer the front sight is to the target the more accurate the rifle becomes. So I am going to order the extender sight. Thank you very much. Oh, and one more thing, like on regular rifle sights,if it shoots high raise the rear sight and lower it if it shoots low. Do the opposite to the front sight, however, the front sight on a fire arm is usually fixed, not so on a bow. Here you have a choice.

Thing is, with the peep eliminator it is no different.

Great Idea.

Yamil R. Yunes

Hi Mel, This was a great shoot out thanks to your rifle site. Here are the pictures from Michael McDonald Pro Staff Shooter Libsaver July3 4th. 80 targets tied for first place and had shoot our and I won. Thanks to your rifle site I had the winning shoot.

Hi there Mel from Tigerbow Pro Shop,

I've used your Peep Eliminator® in two 3D shoots - the Hellhole 90 Targets Unmarked Duncan BC third place June 5-6, 2010 and Nanamio BC 3D Summer Classic 100 Unmarked Targets first place June 12th-13th, 2010. These are high profile shoots to place.

Thanks to your Peep Eliminator® my range was easier to find. I am a pro staff shooter for Limbsaver Bows. I shot the DZ32 Dead Zone with Sureloc Scope BlackEagle and your Peep Eliminator® original Multi Dot design.

Thanks to your design, distance is now easier and more consistent.

Michael McDonald
Pro Staff Shooter, Limbsaver Bows


This is a picture of that 40yd group I shot with your Peep Eliminator® and spot hogg sight.



I talked to you a few weeks ago before I headed to Colorado for the opener of Archery Elk season. I must say I was a little hesitant on installing the peep eliminator® after I received it in the mail. However ,I thought about everything you had told me over the phone and decided to give it a try. Much to my surprise after installing the eliminator and shooting it with my peep sight still in the string I was shooting quite a bit better. I ran to the bow shop and had the peep sight removed, wow what a difference that made in my shooting. I can now group my shots well enough I am afraid to shoot two arrows at the same bulls eye, in fear of wrecking an arrow. I shot the cow in the pictures while on my hunt only a week after you and I had talked. This is the first Elk I have ever taken with a bow, only been bow hunting for 3 years now. Thanks for the time on the phone explaining to me how your product would help me and offering me a full money back guarantee if I was not completely satisfied. My family is very happy to have Elk in the freezer for the winter.
Thanks Vince Gonyou


Elk shot at 30 yards called in with cow call. Unit where hunting had previous hunters wound 3 elk, this elk was hit square in vitals with peep eliminator® sight.

Hi Mel
Tim Lewyk here from Canada.
I just wanted to thank you for all you help with the peep eliminator® sight! Here are some pictures that you will enjoy from our trip. I shot four baboons, which none of the other hunters in our 11 man group managed to get even one. These are very tough animals and they were destroying a rural dairy farm, so I was asked to cull some of the troop. The bow and arrow were the best option, as they never knew where the shots came from and with very little noise, four large males were taken. The toughest hunt was the bush pig that lives in the thickest cactus forest that you have ever seen! I didn't even think we would make it through the prickly pears, and had miles of crawling on our knees. I did manage to get a monster pig, and the best of all, both arrows went in the same hole, a robin hood on a moving target in the thickest cactus infested place on earth. This year I am going back, but with a new Strothers bow, the black wrath model, and I will keep you posted on my success, with what ever I finally get? I feel that the Strothers and the peep eliminator® are the best combination that is available today. I tried every bow on the market, and nearly every sight, so I am confident in my decision. Typically I like to use the oldest equipment available, however my shoulder and eyes are not what they were, so this is the ticket! Faster and more accurate...
Thanks Dan Ohare at Strothers and Sue at bares sports for getting me all the gear for this years Africa trip.
Feel free to share any of my photos or stories.
Oh yeah the cheetah as a hunting pet was unreal!!! yes we did a cheetah walk and stalk as well

Mel, Just a quick note to thank you for your SUPERIOR customer service. I appreciate your follow-up phone call. I have had your peep eliminator® attached to each of my last three bows, and even though I upgrade bows from time to time, your sighting system is the only accessory that stays with me for every change. I have had the good fortune of taking four Bucks using your peepeliminator, and attached is a picture of the most recent, taken two weeks ago from a treestand in Ohio, on November 9th. Thanks again for your great products and customer service, which help make dreams like this come true...even for 65 year old bowhunters with less than perfect eyesight.
Sincerely, Rich Ruddle
Pataskala, Ohio


Hey Melvin
My name is Stan Underhle
I shot this deer at 50 yards with your peep eliminator® thanks man first deer I ever killed with a bow and I am 55

Hi Mel, I recently purchased three peep eliminators® from you from myself and my two young sons. We just started getting into archery and ran into someone at the range that was very impressed with your product. I easily installed the peep eliminator® to all three bows and went to the range. Because all three of us are so new to the sport, there wasn't any old habits to break. After about an hour of adjusting the scope (total for all three peep eliminators®) we were shooting extremely close groups. My 9 year old was very impressed with your product and was very happy to have his peep removed from his bow.

This past weekend we entered out first 3D tournament and the results were incredible. My 9 year old won his group and my 13 year old came third. I was shooting very will in the morning until and unfortunate event happened during the lunch break. I am not sure how, the screw on peep eliminator® had gotten loose and the shaft with the V-notch slipped out. I only noticed this after we had walked into the woods and arrived at the first target of the afternoon. It is an awful thing to pull the string to your cheek and realize the shaft of the peep eliminator® was not there! Without that or a peep, and being so new to the sport, I was done before the second half of the tournament began. A very unfortunate event. I was still able to experience a great afternoon with my sons as they excelled with your product.

Rick Canale
Richmond Hill, ON Canada

Hi Mel, I bought two of your peep sights several years back. Gave one to my son and I kept one for myself. Your sight is everything you said it was and more! I shoot right at what I aim at every time now and I shoot 70 yards with no fear of missing. Had to quit shooting at the same bulls eye. I have seen robin hoods. Got way too expensive. I need to replace that little square metal block that the sight slides threw and bolts to sight arm. I stripped the threads today getting my bow sighted in for bow season. Please advise me on how much it will cost me for the replacement part.

Respectfully Yours,

Robert G. Petersen "Pete"

Melvin Dein contacted me and asked me if I would be willing to give a product that will enable rifle like accuracy to a bow a shot, I immediately said "absolutely"!! He is the main man and super guy behind the Peep Eliminator® a great device to achieve quicker target acquisition, shoot earlier and later and be able to shoot 1 pin out to 30-40 yards depending on your particular set up.
I received the Peep Eliminator® in short order and I couldn't wait to get it put on and see how it works. Anything to make the shot more accurate, in low light and shoot further without using a different pin; Well, this product answers that call! It is simple to set up, follow the directions and it will be ready to shoot in a matter of minutes! Once you get it on the bow, let the fun begin!
They come in 4 different configurations: Single Green Dot, Extender Green dot (has an adjustable slide bar) Dominate eye sight and a verifier in 2x or 4x magnification. Those of you, who carry the bow in the field or on those remote hunts, will be interested to know that they are very light weight, ranging from a mere 1.6 ounces to 8.7 ounces. The decision is yours to make on which one you want, but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to call Melvin, he is fantastic and will be able to help you decide in a quick minute. One final great feature they have available is a sight light for those magical first or last 10-15 minutes of the hunting day.
I currently shoot a Mathews Z7, and a Vital Bow Gear Star Trac single pin sight. Mounting it was super easy, the aperture lined up well with my VBG, the only thing I really had to do was adjust my sight out just a little bit to accommodate the thickness of the mounting plate on the Peep Eliminator®. The graduation marks on both axis of the sight is wonderful, easy to read and makes it easy to mark exactly where your 20 yard starting point is. You do not have to do this, but I find it a useful reference point if I ever have to remove a sight component for whatever reason. Shooting the new sight is definitely different, especially when you have shot for 20 plus years with just a peep sight. I did notice that if forces you to keep the same anchor point, and will tell on you if you torque the bow one way or the other, because you will lose your front pin. But after 5-10 shots, I did notice that my groups were tighter and that the consistency is there as well.
Overall, Shooting with the Peep Eliminator® is quite the experience, for some shooters it may not be for you, but it will be a definite advantage in low light and when those sneaky bucks show up at the beginning or end of the day, this will allow you to make that shot confidently! I personally think target shooters will benefit tremendously from it ensuring that the bow is completely level which will in turn increase your accuracy!
I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to improve accuracy, shoot earlier and later and eliminate the peep sight from your string! If you have any questions; or even need help setting it up give Melvin Deien at Peep Eliminator® a call at 618-526-4427 or visitwww.peepelminator.com to place an order. Melvin is always there to answer any questions you have, and you will be hard pressed to find a better customer service representative than the founder and inventor or this amazing sight!

Scott Stover
Nashville, GA
See Me Hunt.com Pro Staffer
Flying Arrow Archery Field Staff
Black Eagle Arrows Field Staff

Two seasons ago I missed on an opportunity to take a trophy buck because I couldn't see my target clearly using my non-dominant eye and squinting through a peep sight. I contemplated selling my bow and replacing it with a left handed model. Then I saw your Peep Eliminator® dominant eye sight advertisement in Bowhunting magazine. After talking to you over the phone, I decided that the benefits out weighed the risk. I ordered the sight one week before the Wisconsin deer bow season started. Once I got the sight on my bow, I started shooting tighter groups immediately. I didn't get an opportunity to shoot a trophy buck this year, but made a nice shot on a spike buck that ran 40 yards and was dead when he hit the ground. After 33 years of shooting archery, I finally Robin Hooded my first arrow. I had to start shooting at separate bulls eyes because of the pounding my arrows were taking. There are a lot of great archery products on the market that help improve accuracy, but your product takes accuracy to a whole different level by fixing the shooters form.

I wanted to tell you that your peep eliminator® is the best thing for a bow that I have ever seen and used. It is so much easier to line up the shop with your product than it ever was when I used a peep sight, and I will never go back. I found out about the peep eliminator® from Kevin Bach at Kevin's Archery in Ava IL, and I am grateful that you made this product. It has made my grouping so much tighter and the ability to have less pins, since my first pen is from 0-30 yards and that is amazing.
Again thanks from

Joseph Underhile

Hi Joseph,
Thank you for using the Peep Eliminator®. I feel good when I know my sight immediately made someone shoot tight groups with insistent accuracy. Kevin Bach is a pleasant person to do business with. He will do whatever it takes to make you happy. no matter how much time it takes. Would you care if II add your e-mail to my testimonial section on my website? I would also like to give Kevin Archery the recognition for being a great Archery dealer,

Thank You.




Here is the link to my bear hunt. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpN5C4Y9Ptc
I bought a peep eliminator® several years ago after having a hate relationship with my peep. I have shot many deer but on this bear hunt I watched this trophy bear for over twenty minutes before he offered a good shot. As it got darker and darker (as you can see on the video) I just knew I was going to run out of light. When he turned I went to full draw and was able to aim behind the shoulder and make the shot. He went twenty yards. If not for the peep eliminator® I would never had been able to make that shot with a peep. The growing darkness and his black fur would have allowed him to walk out of my life possibly forever. Instead he now stands in my den. Thanks for a great product. Hope to see you at the Peoria deer and turkey expo.

Gary Eichelberger Normal, IL


Hi Mel,
Thanks you for all of your help on the phone. Its nice to see that there are companies like yours that still take pride in the Customer Service they provide. After speaking with you on the phone, I went to the range where I was able to fine-tune my front sight with the Peep Eliminator®. After just a few minutes I was shooting very tight groups at twenty yards. This alone surprised me because I am brand new to the sport and this was only the third time in my life I ever shot a bow. After making a final adjustment, I decided to shoot six arrows to see how my grouping looked. My first shot was a bull&s eye but what happened next was amazing! My second shot Robin Hooded the first arrow! Ive attached a photo of it, along with a photo that shows the remaining four arrows I shot that round (the stray was an accidental release). Not bad for a guys third time ever shooting a bow! Thanks again for all of your help. And thank you for a great product!

Tom Preston New Lenox, IL

I just wanted to take the time to let you know how happy I am with The Peep Eliminator® and with your dealers. I worked with Kevin Bach a few weeks ago and we started taking about your product and I thought that it had some pretty good things going for it so Kevin left me a book about it to look over. I am not one to be sold very easy on new products but there were to many advantages to it not to try it so I called Kevin and ordered one. Kevin was very helpful in making sure it was installed correctly and that I was satisfied with my order. I could not believe after putting it on my bow how I was grouping arrows! Kevin went above and beyond making sure I was happy and has given me an open ended offer if I need any help in the future which people just don't do anymore! The only disadvantage I can see to The Peep Eliminator® is while target shooting I can only shoot one or two arrows because of the tight groups I'm shooting without tearing up arrows! Its made me a remarkably better shooter and I would like to thank you, Kevin Bach, and The Peep Eliminator® for it! Unbelievable product!!!!

Thank you,

Chad Smith


Hey Mel!
Merry Christmas! Just wanted to let you know that I still love my peep eliminator®. My consistency and accuracy have improved tremendously! ! I have shot a doe and buck with my bow so far this year and am in the stand right now hoping for more deer to come on by!
Keep up the good work! !

ate Pugh


I wanted to tell you with luck on my side my peep eliminator® worked just as advertised. Busted this 8 pt buck exactly where I placed the pin, no messing around with a peep sight. What a great product would urge everyone to use this. I really like the thought of one pin with two different ranges. I set one for 20 yards and the other at 30 yards. My shot was about 20 yards and dead on with confidence. Thanks for all your additional support after the sale. I will pass on the word.
Great Job on a wonderful product.

Dale Milton Brimfield Illinois


This is Emilio from Miami ,proud of sending a picture of my 9 pointer. Your peep sight the best ever ,
Shot this deer at 17 yards



Mr. Deien,
I love the Peep Eliminator®! I was a little worried about having to get used to not shooting with a peep, but it was a piece of cake. I immediately began shooting better and will never go back to a string peep. I love the way the Peep Eliminator® ™gives instant feedback. I have now subconsciously corrected for errors and each time I glance down it's right in the slot. I just returned from British Columbia and was very successful. I killed a moose at 40 yards and made a 46 yard, uphill shot between 2 trees on a elk - best shot I've made in over 40 years of bowhunting. Attached are some pictures.

Thanks again!

John Stanley
CMSgt, USAFR, Retired
94th MXG Resource Advisor
DSN 625-4940 Comm 678-655-4940

My name is John, I live in the town of Maine which is a small town in upstate N.Y. and I purchased the peep eliminator® from you last fall. My intention was to do away with my peep sight that has haunted me for the last 20+ years. After shooting with the peep eliminator® for close to a year now, I am shooting more precise, more consistent and more confident than I ever imagined I could and I owe it all to you and your absolutely magnificent product! I am shooting so good that i no longer have to concern my hunt with my bow this year, that's how confident I am with the peep eliminator®! I am now able to focus my efforts on other aspects of the hunt which will in turn make this season more productive and I also owe that to you and your product. With all that said, I would also like to thank you for being such a wonderful person to do business with. I can't tell you how much it means to me that you answered your phone each and every time I called. That is hard to find these days!

Thank you Melvin and God bless

John from Maine N.Y.


Bought your site at the Iowa Deer Show and I'm glad I did. Groups shrunk by half. Arrowed this deer right where I was aiming. Love your sight; wish I had gotten it sooner.


Les Bubke
Nevada, IA


This is Bill, you helped me set up my sight over the phone last week, and I wanted to show you how it paid off!!! Thanks again, and you are free to use these pictures!



THANK YOU for your product and Customer Service. Your immediate reply and above and beyond efforts to resolve the sight attachment issue on your Dominant Eye Peep Eliminator® purchased for use by our Youth Competition Shooter is greatly appreciated.

In order to familiarize and become comfortable with the Dominant Eye Peep Eliminator® it was attached along with a Carolina Foxfire SP sight to a Concept Archery C-32 bow set to 40# & 30". Easton 1820 arrows, admittedly weaker spine but cost effective, were shot to preserve our $280/doz. A/C/E shafts used for actual Tournament competition. Patience is required to tune the Peep Eliminator® with the sight and this in itself is a great training tool and opportunity for developing our youth. After several sessions and adjustments, Shooter, sight and the Peep Eliminator® were ready.

Devon, Shooter in attached photos, is training for JOAD Nationals in Des Moines, Iowa, June 24-27, 2010. Proof of Peep Eliminator® impact on scores are in photos. Evidence of Devon's satisfaction of shooting not so evident in pictures but he IS smiling at the grouping achieved by proper shot execution and Dominant Eye Peep Eliminator®. Regardless of placement in tournaments, Peep Eliminator® is a winner in building shooting confidence in our Youth. >
Great product; Excellent Customer Service and thank you for making a difference.

Coach R. Allen Powers


Hey Mel,
Eric Blackburn.
When you said about shooting in different spots on targets you where right , shoot those nap heatshrink vanes hit so dead on that it slid down on arrow well got sighted in at 20 to 25 yards dead on, i have always shot single pin with only kisser button and only reason I tried was my boy starting to shoot hunt and wanted to try and he will be shooting it, great product.

Eric Blackburn

I just want to say thank you so much. the RH left eye dominant sight has me shooting tighter groups than I ever have before in my life. I highly suggest anyone in the same situation as I was try this sight. Not only was I right handed and left eye dominant my vision in my right eye is weaker than my left. So I didn't have the option to close a eye an use the peep site, It just wouldn't work for me. I received the sight Monday after work, I put it on and within twenty minutes of shooting I had it sighted in and shooting tight groups. Thanks again for making such a great product.

Mike Mason


Shot him on October 2, 2010, at last light. He was feeding in an alfalfa field. Made the shot at about 25 to 30 yards. My best buck ever! Yes, I did use the Dominate Eye Sight and peep eliminator® to harvest this buck! As for the date on the photo it is wrong, had to change the battery in the camera and didn't take the time to reset the date. I have now harvested two nice bucks two years in a row with your product and couldn't be happier. It is a great product that allowed me to continue bow hunting after sustaining an eye injury several years ago. Thanks again for such a great product and awesome communication as well. Shoot straight, (with a peep eliminator®)

Mike Caplinger


Hi Mel,
I bought my sight from you in 2006 at the Bloomington deer show. I called you about its set up and you were very helpful in 2007. I shot a P & Y gross buck in 2007 and in 2009 I shot this buck.

Anyway, your sight helped me keep form while aiming around a tree, and I drilled him. He only went 50 or 60 yards. Anyway, thank you, and your sights are great.

Charles Smith
Alton, IL


Hey Mel,
I've talked to you a couple times at the deer classic in Madison, WI. I bought your sight in '08 and scored my very first Pope and Young buck that year. After 25 plus years of coming up short I got what I was after. This year I bought your updated system. Well '09 was even better. A week before Halloween I scored my biggest buck ever with a bow. After the shot I ranged the hit at 29 yards. A few years ago I would have never tried a shot this far. But as you can see by the shot placement in the picture I was dead on! I shoot one pin and that's all. When you get a monster in range you don't need to second guess yourself on which pin to use. Your system works well. I shoot flat out to 30 plus yards and the Peep Eliminator® is the answer for me. Thanks again and keep up the good work. I'm a satisfied customer. I look forward to talking to you this year.

P.S. I'll have both P&Y bucks at the show in Madison for the official score on both bucks.

Scott Broughton Stoughton, WI


Let me begin by saying that until last week, I hadn't shot an arrow in over thirty years. Back then I used a poor-quality fiberglass recurve bow handed down from my brother, with a mixed assortment of wooden arrows. I think I was thirteen or so, and had been reading Ernest Thompson Seton's Two Little Savages. The romance wore off when I found I couldn't hit anything consistently. I could hit things with a long gun quite well, and for years chose to carry one to the field and range. My nine year-old son recently became fascinated bows after attending an archery and shooting day sponsored by our local 4H. A bow was a lot simpler to sell to his mother than a rifle, and easier for him to consistently practice with. There is an indoor range minutes from his school, and fees are very reasonable.

Tim and Chris
Northern Vermont


Here's a picture of my 2009 bow buck.

I was fortunate enough to have him come in chasing two does on November 6, 2009, at about 9:20am. Made the shot at 22 yards.

Thanks again for a great product! Thanks a million,

Mike Caplinger


Mel, My name is Doug Bradley and I am from Highland. My wife and I actually came over to your house and spent a couple of hours last November getting peep eliminator® sights installed and then practicing with them. You were a very gracious host and we learned a lot from you. I am a beginning bow hunter and the first time I ever bow hunted I had a deer come in to my stand and my peep sight turned on me and I couldn't get it readjusted in time to shoot. My friend Keith oennies recommended buying the peep eliminator®. I got it installed last November and got my second opportunity to draw on a deer yesterday. I had never taken a 30 yard practice shot in my life but took a nice buck from that distance yesterday. It was so easy to do. I'm writing this note to thank you not only for your product but also the time and expertise you provided to me and my wife. She is not ready to hunt yet but has made big strides on becoming a better shooter. I hope you are having a wonderful fall. Thanks again.
Respectfully, Doug Bradley
IIn the picture I'm on the left with a 6 pointer and on the right is Keith Toennies--the guy who uses the peep eliminator® and talked me into getting it--with his 11 pointer. We shot these deer in our first hour of hunting Wednesday just south of Perry, Illinois on a farm owned by a family friend

Doug Bradley

I received your Standard Edition Sight yesterday 2009/11/10. Today, I took it to a friend's large country yard to sight in on a red mouse pad, fastened to a high density, rectangular, styrofoam bow target. I had installed your product the night before on my Darton Storm compound bow set at 48 lbs. The eye/anchor point was established the evening prior. I am using a single pin sight. My first 2 shots were left and just over the target at 15 yards. Following your instructions for following the arrow, a minor adjustment put the next 2 shots in the "Kill Zone" the red mouse pad. I was holding low intentionally until line was set. I next adjusted the sight horizontal lowering the hit point slightly. The next two shots, held centre, landed centre. I then repeated the exercise with 4 shots to insure sight accuracy - all in a very tight group from 15 yards. I then moved to 20 yards - 2 shots in the mouse pad. I moved to 25 yards - 2 shots in. I moved to 30 yards - 2 shots in. As I became more relaxed the groups got tighter even at the longer yardages. I decided to test the setup at 40 yards to see what my bow would do. The shot was near the bottom of the target but dead on line with the mouse pad about 10 inches up on the target. I had exceeded the range of my sight's setting. Your product is a marvel! Your claims are true. Thank you for your long term dedication to this product to make bow hunting much more enjoyable. Clean kills are the goal of any ethical archer and your sight will make this an easy reality.

Richard B. Skinner B.A. B. Ed.
B. Ed. - retired. Lindsay, Ontario, Canada

Just wanted to send a note to say thank you. We just purchased your original peep eliminator® with light from you at the deer expo in Birmingham. My husband and I both wanted to get one but we decided to just get one to try it out. Now my husband is wishing that he had bought one for him because he has to wait for his to be shipped. After placing it on my bow it only took a few adjustments and I was shooting groups like I have never shot before. I shot 6 arrows in a 2 inch circle, they were all touching. Fortunately, I didn't break any arrows, but I am pretty worried about breaking some eventually, I'll only be able to shoot single shots with the broadheads, unless I feel like buying new arrows.


Christie and Dut Lovell


Mel, Here are some photos of Mike Lyons and two arrows he shot. Your sight helped him to drive one arrow into another. He will call you to confirm that you received them. If you blow them up, you actually see the arrow head inside the other arrow. I also sent a photo of a deer he shot with the same sight. Thank you.

Mike Lyons


Good evening Mel! I am finally getting organized after our hunt this past weekend. I am attaching a picture of me (left) and Florella Crouch (right). We both killed our does the same night. We had to hurry and take some pictures before the guides took our deer for processing. You may use whatever you like on your website. I hope everyone changes over to the peer eliminator. It's outstanding. Oh by the way, I shot a doe last night at 40 yds. I never would have had the confidence to shoot that far before I got the peep eliminator®. Amazing!! Keep in touch.

Kate Pugh Women Bowhunters Association

Dear Mel,
I would like to thank you for creating such a great product for archers. Your bow rifle sight is amazing. It is very accurate. I have it on a Mathews Z7. I shoot very tight groups at 60 yards although I have not shot farther yet. Anything closer, I keep shooting the nocks and fletchings off my arrows. This is the best sight I have ever put on any bow to date. When I put it on my bow it took less than 10 shots to cut holes at 20 yards. Your sight has took the guess work out with one pin to 35 yards from point blank range. I can't say enough about the peepeliminator® sight you invented. Anyone that has never tried it is missing out on extremely accurate bow shooting. I have never been able to shoot with such precise accuracy.

Thank you Mel for such a great invention.

Tim Channell

Hi Mel,
I did some real work with the multidot sight recently. I never ever imagined that I could shoot confidently out beyond 30 yards. I zeroed the might single pin at 30 yards with the bead centered in the very lowest part of the rear V. That was extremely easy and what great groups! I then continued to back up until I found the yardage that aligning the front bead with the highest two spots on the multidot sight and discovered that distance was 52 yards. I couldn't believe it but I verified it with my Chuck Adams endorsed range finder. As long as I maintain my form, I can shoot 4 inch groups of 5 arrows easily at 50 yards. My only fear now is that I may have to book an elk hunt so that I can show off my long range shooting skills. It was super easy, a real no-brainer.
Thanks for this wonderful tool Mel! Incidentally, how is your son? I know you were concerned about a medical condition last time we wrote. Hope he is on the mend and all is well. God Bless,


MMy name is Jeff Beyer. I bought your left eye dominate sight last year and I thought I would bring you up to date. Last year I killed a small hog because I missed the big one - shot over her back. Hit a doe in the shoulder blade and the arrow came out, couldn't find her blood trail ran out. This year is a different story, I am feeling a lot more confident with the sight. I pulled out the bow this summer and told myself I was going to get better. I went out and completely re-sighted the bow, mainly because I increased the draw to 60 lbs from 50 last year. Like they say, what a difference a year makes. I have had to shoot at different spots on the target every time cause arrows aren't cheap. I have William Tell-ed one and shot the flights off another. I felt real comfortable at twenty, 30, and 35, if-y at 40 and beyond. But once I got more practice with my bow and your sight I feel I can comfortably and ethically take a 45 yd shot.
Oh by the way, I got my first deer ever today - 21 Oct 2009. My whole hunt today lasted 4 minutes - got to my hunting area at about 20 minutes after sunup and shot a beautiful 80-lb doe that dropped where she was standing. First deer jitters I guess cause I hit her directly through the spine. Got to keep working on the yardage thing. Melvin you have made this 48 yr old hunter very happy.
Thank you

Million. Jeff Beyer Duncan


Mel, This Picture Is Of The Deer I Shot In 2007. This Was The First Year With The Peep Eliminator® I Was Just About Ready To Get Down From My Stand And This Deer Was On A Hill Side About 80 Yards From Me With 2 Does. They Were Working Their Way Away From Me So I Just Ground My Horns And Grunted A Few Times And He Came In Like He Was On A String. I Stopped Him At About 20 Yards, I Shot And He Dropped About 45 Yard From There. This Was The First And Only Time I've Been Able To Pull A Buck Off Does. I Wish I Could Have Had It On Video. But This Sight Makes Things Alot Easier, Especially From The Stand. Thanks For Everything

Jid Vincen


Hi Melvin, thanks for answer my email,
I will honored if you want to put my pictures in your web site (to tell you the truth think my friends are going to be jealous) .Please send me another rifle sight with the green dots ,I don't know if you want me to place an order in your web site or just let me know how much the total will be and I 'll send you a check ,I hope I am doing the proper way. Soon you are going to hear about more people willing to use your product, there is not one in the market capable of competer with the simplicity and the results of yours.
Thank you.

Hi Mel at last fitted rifle sight I have to admit sighting in was not easy ,matching it up too my titan accusword was a task in itself but , WOW WOW WOW driving nails is the only word i can use i have robin hooded five arrows one after another i can no longer target shoot for grouping ,have to now use multi spot target so i can use more than one arrow going hunting Saturday next will report back on field use also the field of view AWESOME I use a x4 lens and now it is so bright its like using a telescopic sight if any one doubts these sights they need therapy thank you and God Bless

United Kingdom

Attached are photos of a nice buck shot using the peep eliminator®. He passed within 40 yards of one of my hunting partners on a very gloomy morning just before sunrise. Due to the low light conditions, he could not get an ethical shot off because he was unable to see adequately through his peep sight. Fortunately for me, this buck then passed within 15 yards of me. I had no trouble with the low light conditions because the peep eliminator® allowed me to easily align my pins and make a double lung kill. This beautiful animal took two or three steps to his left and expired within 30 seconds of being shot. Without the peep eliminator™ I would likely have made the decision to pass up the shot as well.
Incidentally, both of my hunting partners now shoot a peep eliminator® as well! Field dressed 228 lbs, G2's were 16.5 inches, G3's were 15.5 inches, inside spread 22.75 inches and scored 151 points
Thanks Mel for a great product.

Rick Monson


My name is Winnie Oswalt and my husband is Philip Oswalt. We run 4-Way bridge Bait Shop &Restaurant located in the heart of the Greene-Sullivan State Forest in southwestern Indiana.
We we looking for new products for our sales line. Philip wanted to add the bow by Bladerunner Archery, and the Peep Eliminator® Sight by Melvin Deien. He liked what he read in the ad that he saw. I on the other hand needed to see the items. So we made a trip to see Melvin we liked what we saw so we were in. On Aug 8, 08, our second trip to Melvin's was meant to learn how to sight in the sight our new Bladerunner bows.
Melvin was helping me. On about the seventh or eight shot I heard a crack. I couldn’t believe what I thought had happened so I said “did I do what I think I did?” He said yes, that means the sight is right on. I was stunned, excited, and very happy. Even more confident about the bows and sights when we went home.
On Sept. 8 2008 exactly one month later Philip made a excited phone call to me to tell me that he had just made a robinhood shot. He was so excited and wanted his picture taken just like mine. Needless to say Philip and I are very convinced that the Peep Eliminator® Sight on any bow is a great idea, and are equally happy with the Bladerunner Bows.

Winnie and Philip Oswalt

Its Nate Cline from Outdoor Insights TV.
I wanted to get you the pictures of a couple of deer that we took last season using the Peep Eliminator®, including that huge main frame 7 point I showed you at the show. I enjoyed talking with you at Columbus, and I hope you enjoyed the videos we gave you. We're hitting the air on the Pursuit Channel on July 4th. We talked at the show about outfitting all of our team members with the Peep Eliminator®. I know it worked for me. We'll be in every home in the country that gets DirecTV, but we still have to pay the bill to be on the air. We'll be in Huntington, WV this weekend for their show. When I get back I'll give you a call and explain all the details to you about our sponsor packages. We'll get you a package that will pay for itself in sales generated from the exposure we'll get for you. The first 2 picture are my buck, Nate Cline, the 2nd 2 pictures are of Josh McLaren and his buck. Both were taken with the Peep Eliminator®, and both in Eastern Ohio. I hope to see the pictures on your website, and I'll call you next week.
Thank you,

Nate Cline Pres.
Outdoor Insights TV 740-264-5332

What Can I Say, I Read Everyone's Testimonials Before I Ordered Your Product But Figured It Was Just Another Marketing Pitch. Wow Was I Wrong. First Let Me Start By Commenting On Your Great Service It Is Rare In Todays World To Find A Business Owner Who Will Call You Back And Do What They Say. The Product Arrived In Three Days Just Like You Said. I Installed The Sight Just Like The Directions {about Ten Minutes}. I Got Home Last Night In Time To Give It A Try, I Sighted It In With The Peep Just Like The Directions, It Took Me About 35 Minutes To Get Everything Adjusted And Set. [first Time I Had Shot All Year] I Removed The Peep Let The Arrows Fly. I Used Three Pins Last Year 1-25 Yards, 25-40 Yards 40 And Up. So I Figured I Would Try Using The Same Positions As Last Year, I Lost Four Arrows Do To Over Shooting Of My Block Now 1-35 Yards First Pin, 35-45 Plus With Second Pin It Got Dark Before I Could Make It To The Full Distance On The 2nd Pin Or Even Start On The Third Pin. This Product Is So Simple Yet So Amazing Why Didn't I Think Of It? What A Great Product, Season Opens This Weekend Hopefully I Can Send You Pictures In The Near Future,
Thanks Again For Your Service And Product


Dear Mr. Deien,
Thank-you for getting the Compound Bow Rifle Sight Peep Eliminator® to Me on such short notice. I was able to get it mounted on my bow only a couple of days before my fall bear hunt in Ontario, Canada. With-in a few minutes I had it sighted in and shooting accurately. As you can tell by the photo, the shot was dead on! I have a tendency to shoot high from an elevated stand but with the Peep Eliminator® my shots are always on target. Thanks for your perseverance in producing and excellent product. It's the best thing in archery since the compound bow!

Tim Gossen

Hey Mel, Installed my peepeliminator and sighted it in. It took a little longer than I hoped but it sure was worth it. My eye sight is changing due to age. I all but quit hunting evenings because I had trouble seeing thru my peep in low light. Last night I arrowed a button buck. The sight allowed me to see the deer and my sights perfectly. I aligned the dots and bang, just like your ad says, meat in the freezer. Now instead of three pins I am able to cover everything out to 30 yards with one. I recommend this to anyone, declining vision or not. Thanks for a great product.

Bob Cross

Melvin, Just had to write and tell you what I think about your product. After you were kind enough to give me a sight for my bow at the Big Buck Expo in Lakeland Florida, I finally got it sighted in today. Man; I can not believe the difference it makes. You were so right when you said my 20, 30,and 40 yard pins would change to my 20, 40, and 60 yard pins. What you didn't tell me is that the pins would actually be even closer together. I don't think I'll be taking to many 60 yard shots but it's nice to know that I have a pin if I do need it for that big buck one day.
Thanks again,

Joe Bukey
Strut-N-Rut Outdoor Adventures, Inc.
10845 Island Grove Rd. Clermont, Fl. 34711
www.strutnrut.org joe@strutnrut.org 352-516-6660


Mel , The two pics is also of impact shots, but it is not so clear, so I have marked it. The vid is only 2 sec ,but if you can slow it down you can see the incredible reaction time of the ward hog. The sight is working better every day, will not shoot with out it.In two week's time we are having a night hunt for bush pig's. (really dangerous - a hog with a real bad temper) Good day Mel, or is it very early morning. Here is a pic of an Impala ram ( shot with your Peep Elim ) The pic was take at the moment of impact at 18 yrd ( 440 grn at 290 ft/sec) .


Dear Melvin
Where do I start. For the past 30 years, I've been shooting archery right handed with a dominate left eye. Probably due to the fact that I have 2 older brothers, one being left handed, the other being right handed, that taught me everything. Somewhere along the way, I got shooting right handed with a lazy right non-dominate eye. While reading my New York Outdoor News, I came across your advertisement for the Peep Eliminator®. I had to try it! When I first purchased it and called you about setting it up, you said you would do it for me. I think you thought I was in your area of Illinois. When you found out that I was having a little difficulty, you said "send me the bow, I'll set her right up and send her back at my cost." I said I lived in New York and you said "oh that's o.k." And off she went! When I got my bow back, I couldn't believe it! For the first time in 30 years I was shooting with my dominate eye! I could see my target like I receded 10 years in age! Like you said, Mel...Just line-er up and let-er rip! It doesn't allow torque and that last hour without that peep is like a new sport. My yardage marks are closer together allowing me to sight in up to 100 plus yards. What an invention! I can't thank you enough Mel! It's nice to know that there are still people in the world that care, and stand behind their product like you. I'm very excited about the season to come thanks to you. I will tell everyone about this product, because it corrects bad shots before they occur and bye-bye peep sight!
Can't thank you enough, Mel. This is truly a great product!

Paul Enzinna Lockport


 Mel, Thank you for introducing to the peep eliminator® at the 2008 Wisconsin Deer and Turkey Expo in Madison. As I examined it and read the accompanying literature, the concept made perfect sense to me. Simply placing the pin of my front sight into the V-shaped rear sight increases the precision of alignment dramatically in comparison to centering a front pin into the much larger circle formed by a standard peep. I purchased the product and installed it effortlessly within 10 minutes simply by following the instructions. The following day I fired about 20 arrows and was amazed at how quickly I was able to tighten my groups. I called 2 friends and asked them to shoot with me the following day so that they could see the peep eliminator® and evaluate it for themselves. After shooting 3 rounds of 5 arrows I was about $40 down as a result of robin- hooding 2 arrows on consecutive shots, attached in a photo for evidence. My friends couldn’t believe it! I have always been a pretty good shot but now they feel compelled to buy one for themselves so I don’t embarrass them.
I recommend that all of my fellow bow hunters take a few moments to just think about the concept of more precise sight and arrow alignment and how that will translate into the accuracy of your shot placement. If that doesn’t convince you, go out and shoot one for yourself. You might want to start saving a little extra cash for the purchase of arrows too

Melvin J. Deien

First off let me start out by apologizing for the extensively delayed response of feedback for the requested product evaluation of the Peep Eliminator®. As noted before I was waiting for Browning to send me the Illusion and I didn't received it until two weeks ago and not the predicted February date as stated previously. However, due to the warmer weather, availability of time, and delivery of the bow I was able to evaluate your product.

To say the least the Peep Eliminator® is an excellent tool for archery and hunting excellence. Upon delivery I was concerned with low light shooting and ease of use with a multi-pin site. After shooting my bow with the Peep Eliminator® there is clearly no use for the aged peep site. I have had difficulty with other peep site systems in the past, especially with low light conditions. The old style peep site was difficult to look through and see the site and the game all in one line of sight. The site would either be too bright and/or not bright enough. With this problematic difficulty I was in need of a new innovative alternative to compensate for a lack of light availability and ease of use without giving up dependability for extreme uses.

From the installation all the way to sighting in at a 70 yard shot I had found no problems with the Peep Eliminator®. The installation of the product was clearly stated on the back of the package in the instructions. The process of getting it on my bow was as easy as any other installation process. From the installation to getting to shoot accurately took no longer than ten minutes and maybe 25 shots. I found that the allen-wrench adjustments of the peep eliminator® made it easy to change in the field and also reaffirmed my confidence of a piece of equipment that will hold up to harsh hunting uses.

Along with the durability and ease of installation alternative benefits came. The benefit of no consistent anchor spot attributed to tighter more consistent shots than ever before. With the Peep Eliminator® system there is only one thing to worry about and that is to line up your site with the rifle style rear Peep Eliminator® site. Moreover, with the ease of the aiming ability that is contributed with the rear site alignment I feel more confident which in turn will lead to great success in and off the field. With the openness of the rear site I found that in low light conditions the Peep Eliminator® is very successful. I found even without the light that the fiber optic beads on the Peep Eliminator ®were very receptive and allowed me to shoot later and earlier than ever before. With the acquired confidence that comes with the Peep Eliminator® I am finding myself with tact driving accuracy out to 50 yards and the ability to place shots within a pie plate out to 70 yards with little adjustment to my shot in all light conditions.

As a result of the Peep Eliminator® system I have accumulated much confidence in my shot in terms of archery shooting and in all hunting situations. With the Peep Eliminator® system I am comfortable saying that anyone can be successful due to the ease and utility effects of the archery hunter and/or shooter and I am proud to say that I am a Peep Eliminator® user.

Thank you,


If Anyone Has Questions Or Concerns Please Email Me At Bobsex4521@Aol.Com


Here's turkey number 1 and 2 I took in KY this last week. Also took a doe on the last day of the hunt. Saw some 7 and 6 pointers, but nothing worth taking.

next big thing in archery

I have to tell you, your site is destined to be the next big thing in archery. I took this bird at 37 and the second at 31 yds, both were right on the money. Also perfect placement on the doe. My confidence level is higher than it's ever been and I have my wife shooting darts from 30yds after 3 weeks of shooting her bow. I'll call you tomorrow as we just got back into town today and am exhausted.

All the best,


 I purchased your sight before bow season last year and hunted with it all season long. On the next to last day of the season I scored on these two whitetails only 20 minutes apart from the same stand. Thanks for a great product.

I have just one thing to say about the compound bow rifle sight - AWESOME! I received my compound bow rifle sight and within 40 minutes, I had it installed, sight in, and shooting 2 to 3 inch groups 20 yards. The extended mounting bracket and optional light are great improvements especially with a copper john sight. I just wanted say thanks for such a good product.



January 30, 2005

Hi Mel I just received the peep eliminator® today and I must say FANTASTIC!!! I have been bow hunting for over forty years and in those forty years I have tried everything to get that pin point accuracy to no avail, until now!!
I thought I was doing good hitting a paper plate at 40 yards, with my peep sights I now hit the plate and my arrows I'm talking a 2 inch group at forty yards and I just mounted it this morning. My confidence level is through the roof now!! I am doing my first Canadian bear hunt this coming fall and with the peep eliminator® I know my shot will be dead solid and like you say meat on the table!! The only thing you have to do is tell everybody to pick a different spot on their targets for their second shot or they'll be wrecking arrows it's that accurate, I know, I just tagged two of mine, and this all happened in the first five arrows I shot after mounting the eliminator EXCELLENT !!!!



Hi Mel at last fitted rifle sight I have too admit sighting in was not easy, matching up too my titan accusword was a task in itself but, WOW WOW WOW driving nails is the the only work I can use I have Robin Hooded five arrows one after another I can no longer target shoot for grouping, have to now use multi spot target so I can use more than one arrow going hunting Saturday next will report back on field use also the field of view AWESOME I use a x4 lens and now it is so bright its like using a telescopic sight if any one doubts these sights they need therapy thank you and god bless.

United Kingdom


Ben Hoff Testimonial
Purchased your product at the MN Deer Classic this winter. On September 12th, this deer came in just before 8:00 and he stood in front of me for 15 minutes before I could get a shot at him. If would have been using a peep I don’t think I could have taken this shot or this trophy. He green scores 155 gross, and not an official measurer took it, but it is pretty close.
Thank you for a great product.

Ben Hoff


 I purchase the dominate eye sight for a lefty with a right dominate eye. It took about 40 shots to dial it in. See the attached pictures of after I had it dialed in at 25 yards. Shot two different types of arrows just to see what would happen. The bow is so fast it didn't matter. On e thing I have to remember is to use my right eye. I have been shooting so long with my left eye, I smashed two of my ACCs into the wall using my left out of habit. I'm very pleased.

John K


This is the first year I was so busy that I couldn't hunt in October. I was itching so bad to get in the woods. Even though the last couple of years haven't been very productive. On my first time out this season. It wasn't long before I seen a 6 point walk 10 yards in front of my stand. I let him pass hoping for a nice doe to get some meat in the freezer so I could start trophy hunting. After he left a spiker walked in front of me. By this time I was getting excited being this close to the deer. Then I heard some noise behind me and noticed a nice doe with a fawn. I was hoping the doe would come in for a shot. Then I saw a thick rack following 20 yards behind her. The doe walked a ways past. Then did a half circle towards me. She walked 15 yards in front of me. Meanwhile the buck has followed her step for step the entire way. He stopped 15 yards in front of me broadside. Taking a nice sniff of the doe. You couldn't narrate it any more perfect. The doe caught me pulling back. But I had him in the sight so fast it was all over for him. I've wasted so much time and money on equipment. Always trying to get it better. When I put your product on was the first time that I felt so comfortable with it . That I don't give other equipment a 2nd look. Because I've got what I want.




Hi Mel. I’m so sorry about the delay in getting back with you. I’ve been hunting and on business trips since late September. I was hoping to send you a great picture of an elk I got with the bow…but it never happened! L I went up to Washington and only saw a few from several hundred yards away.

However, the good news is that with my new peep eliminator® site, I was able to shoot two nice deer this year. The first was a 1.5 year old in Iowa, the second was a nice 3.5 year old in Michigan just last week. I can’t thank you enough for sending the peep eliminator®. It has absolutely and totally changed how I can hunt. Due to my lasik eye surgery, I have a hard time seeing at night and early in the morning through the peep hole. I took the peep hole off and installed your product and had 100% success. The first deer I was able to shoot early in the morning; the second deer just before dark. Thank you for a wonderful product. Please feel free to use me as a reference! I have attached pictures.

Thanks again for everything, Mel!


Your Dominant Eye Sight is an awesome product! Recently I purchased an Elite Answer, because the draw cycle was much easier on my aging elbow. I transferred my Peep Eliminator® Dominant Eye Sight onto my new hunting rig. New bow, same results. The attached picture is of a robin hood I made at 40 yards while sighting in my new bow.


Elliott Kressin