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I'am the original inventor of the Peep Eliminator Compound Bow Rifle sight and the Dominant Eye sight. For the first time ever, shoot your right hand bow and aim with your left dominant eye or vise-versa, shooting with consistent accuracy All other Peep Eliminators using the V for aiming are copy cat versions.


"It simply amazes me the Old-School "younger generation" just not moving to this vs. the old PEEP-Sight. The peep is old school and with no other product prior was I able to do back to back Robin-hoods in one weekend. This product is the real deal and the best for shooting past 60-90 yards with high degree of accuracy."

corey b. james iii

"I threw out my peep. I have never shot with as much accuracy with my peep as I do with the Peep Eliminator®! I am cutting thin rope at 25 yards! Awesome...just awesome!"

rocky havens

"What can I say about the peep eliminator®. It just awesome and works great. My groups are much more tighter than ever and my distances are greater with few pins. Amazing product. Melvin is a great guy he has called me 3 times just to check on how I was liking the product and to make sure I had gotten everything sighted in."

joe garland




 Compound Bow Rifle Sight

"If you’re making bad archery shots, wounding your animal, tracking it for hours, maybe you never find it. Check out my Peep Eliminator®" Inventor, Melvin Deien


  • No margin for aiming error

  • No Peep Sight twist,

  • No more worries about bow torque,

  • No worries about wrong Head Placement,

  • No low light shooting conditions without the optimal light

  • No need to look at the level,

  • No need to know the degree of angle. Shoot with consistent accuracy from any angle or position.

  • Shoot greater distances with consistent accuracy with fewer pin settings.

  • Place the proper pin between the alignment dots, on target, MEAT IN THE FREEZER, SHOOT EARLIER, SHOOT LATER, SHOOT QUICKER, SHOOT BETTER, with rifle-like accuracy SEEING IS BELIEVING.

  • Thirty Day money back guarantee excluding shipping.





Mel this is one of my 40 yards groups I shot in a 40 yard contest using your Peep Eliminator®.









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Compound Bow Rifle Sight cannot be held liable for any arrows ruined or bow damage due to improper installation of the PEEP ELIMINATOR®.