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Peep Eliminator

Peep Eliminator

The most accurate state-of-the-art form maintainer.  You will immediately shoot tight groups with consistent accuracy!

Simplifies Archery!

Shoots with Rifle Like Accuracy

Lifetime warranty for breakage for the original purchaser. Not transferable. Purchaser must present invoice showing proof of purchase. Lifetime warranty excludes fiber optic components, verifier lens and the lens components. 30 day money back guarantee from the date of purchase. Refund excludes shipping and sales tax and requires Invoice with the name of purchaser and the date of purchase.


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A blind archer, Mr. Cameron Dean harvested this antelope with 15" horns, 39 yard double lung shot, in Wyoming, in 2004. Skip, his spotter said the antelope went about 80 years before he piled up. Cameron was shooting a left hand bow right-handed, using the Peep Eliminator. This allowed his spotter to have clear vision of his sight pins and the target to make the accurate shot.

I met Cameron at the ATA show in Indiana in 2004. The gentleman with Cameron explained to me the problem the spotters are having aiming with a peep sight. I told him to have Cameron shoot a left-hand bow right-handed, this would put his sights and target in clear view for the spotter.

He asked, "Will that work?" I said, "Sure it will, go down to my shooting booth and have him shoot a left-hand bow right-handed."

When they came back to my booth, the expression on Mr. Cameron's face told the whole story. He said he shot three shots, one standing and two shots sitting, all were in the bulls eye. Before Cameron left he said "When I harvest my animal this year I will send you some pictures." On Thursday, September 30, 2004 I received this picture. Since that time Mr. Cameron Dean has passed away, "God rest his soul." I know he still has those memorable moments with him.

  Cameron - blind archer


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