Advantages of Peep Eliminator®


Peep Eliminator® Advantages


1. Simplifies Archery.


2. No peep twist


3. No low light shooting conditions without optional light assemble when hunting from a tree stand.


4. No margin for aiming error. Peep Eliminator® will obscure the pin if you torque the bow or have your head in the wrong position as when you sighted in your bow. WHICH IS CRUCIAL FOR SHOOTING ARCHERY WITH CONSISTENT ACCURACY. Archer will correct their mistake in seconds BEFORE THEY SHOOT, making an accurate shot.


5. Optional light assembly.


6. Shoot Earlier, Shoot Later, Shoot Quicker, Shoot Better with RIFLE-LIKE ACCURACY. SEEING IS BELIEVING. 


7. No low light shooting conditions without the optional light when hunting from a tree stand. The light is designed for enclosed ground blind hunting allowing the archer to shoot in extreme low light conditions, even in total darkness where night hunting is legal. SHOOTING WITH CONSISTENT ACCURACY


8. You will shoot greater distances with consistent accuracy with fewer pins, your settings will be closer then you peep sight settings.


9. Functions with any front pin sight of your choice , multiple pins, single adjustable and pendulum


10. Quick on target, aim like shooting a rifle


11. You can shoot from any angle or position with consistent accuracy, even laying on your back


12. The Dominant Eye Sight allows the archer to shoot a right hand bow and aim with their left dominant eye or shoot a left hand bow aiming with your right dominant eye, shooting with consistent accuracy


13. Depending on the bow, the Extender model and the Dominant Eye sight will allow the archer to extend the rear and front sight to your liking. The complete sight can be removed in one piece and reinstall and still be dead on


14. Can be shot by maintaining anchor or by maintaining form


-To shoot by maintaining anchor

-The bottom pin will always be between the alignment dots

-Move your bow arm up or down to place the proper pin on target

-To shoot by maintaining form

-Your top pin will always be between the alignment dots, you will not see all your pins at one time

-Do not move your head or bow arm

-Slowly slide the release down your cheek

-The top of the bow rocks rearward accomplishing the same as moving your bow arm.

-The pins will keep popping up dead center of the alignment dots

-The pins for the distance you are shooting will be sitting between the alignment dots


15. TruGlo bright fiber optic alignment dots


16. Black anodized 6061 T 6 aluminum except for light bracket and offset Sliding T bar